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BizTalk Explorer v1.1

I've updated my BizTalk Explorer. You can download it here. New in this release:
  • Deployment, easily add your BizTalk assemblies to multiple servers at once
  • Altered the "browse for BizTalk database" dialog
  • Numerous bugfixes (thanks for the feedback!)
Hope you like it, let me know!
If you encounter a diagnostics screen on startup, remove the config file from %userprofile%\local Settings\Application Data (BizTalkExplorer.config)


  • Martijn - very cool tools, thank you very much for sharing. Couple comments:

    - Could it save off the database config that I chose so I don't have to reselect every time that I run the pgm?
    - I tried to deploy multiple assemblies and when it pulled up the dialog to select database to deploy to, it hung. After that I can no longer start the program. I get an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.. one of those nice ones. Any thoughts? In my environment, there are so many database out there that I think it may be good to only load them in the grid and the initial dialog drop-down if I choose an option to do so, click on a button or something. Other tools actually pull the BizTalk database the local instance is setup to run against, could you do that too?

    - Will this figure out dependencies and deploy them in the proper order if I select multiple assemblies? And it would be very cool if it could stop/start the orchs too.. I'm craving a tool that can do a 1 step deploy without having to go start/stop, dependency checking and all the manual steps, etc. I know it's alot to ask about but it would be a lifesaver. From looking at your tools and things like the BizTalk documenter it seems that you can get at all the things needed to do a dependency walk. Although the execution algorithm might get complex, it does seems doable.. I would be happy to help out if you want.

    Thanks for the cool tool!

    By Blogger Craig Johnson, at 10:27 PM  

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