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BizTalk Explorer v1.0

OK, so having a lot of clients asking me for a BizTalk Explorer UI without the need to install Visual Studio .NET 2003, I've (re)written BizTalk Explorer outside. It has support for:

  • Undeployment of assemblies, including removing any binding information for pipelines, mappings, etc.

  • Exporting bindings posed by Assemblies

  • Binding, (un)enlisting, starting, stopping and killing Orchestration(s) (instances)

  • Adding, removing and configuring Parties

  • Adding, removing, (un)enlisting, starting, stopping and configuring Send Port Groups, including send ports which belongs to those groups

  • Adding, removing, (un)enlisting, starting, stopping and configuring Send Ports, including filter expressions (including promoted properties for your own documents), and inbound/outbound mappings

  • Adding, removing, and configuring Receive Ports, again including filters and maps

  • Adding, removing, enabling, disabling and configuring Receive Locations

For now, expect and please report bugs, as it's an initial release. More features to come, feel free to request any! I hope to make this utility BizTalk Explorer on steroids...

The sourcecode will be made available soon, but I've got some more work to do before I think it's stable and elegant (and documented?) enough to release to the general public.

Please let me know what you think. I've spend a great deal of time on this application and would love feedback, including bugs, flames, comments, suggestions, the works!

You can download the application here

O, by the way, while I was working on this application, I got in contact with a great guy, which has also released a utility that matches mine. His name is Paul Somers, and he has won (congrats!) the BizTalk Server competition (Next time, gadget, next time!) (Scott, please adjust the Dutch gaming laws, so we can join the competition next time around...:-p). Check out his version of the tool here

Hope you enjoy!


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