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Pipeline components: checking to see if you're interested in processing a message

If you ever needed to see whether your component has to process a given message, try implementing the IProbeMessage interface. It gives you the message, you can analyze it and return a boolean value to indicate whether you're interested in processing the message. If you return false, the next component in the current stage will be executed in the normal manner. If you return true, your component will be executed by the messaging engine.


public bool Probe(IPipelineContext pc, IBaseMessage inMsg)
  // TODO: implement decision logic for the
  // message here
  return true;

Please note that the stage you will use the component in must be configured as FirstMatch, which in this version is only the Disassemble stage (see the documentation, the BizTalk 2004 documentation mus be installed for this to work and you have to copy the link and paste it in another window because of security constraints)

Update (2004/08/08): this interface has now been incorporated in my pipeline component wizard (just choose DisassemblingSerializer for the component stage), the pipeline component wizard can be retrieved here or here


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