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Example Functoid

Functoids are small pieces of code that assist you in implementing the logic which maps an incoming message to an outgoing message. They can be used from the toolbox within Visual Studio in the mapper if correctly installed. To be displayed within the toolbox in Visual Studio, a functoid needs to live inside a special folder. This folder resides within the BizTalk Server installation folder, subfolder Developer Tools\Mapper Extensions.

Any functoid you write has to derive from the BaseFunctoid Class. A functoid can expose it’s logic as inline script by overriding methods which are called to check for this script (GetInlineScriptBuffer). If you desire not to provide scripting code for the functoid, you should make sure the XSLT mapper can find your component by placing it into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). I’ve written a very simple example functoid for you to play with and use called the "SearchReplace" functoid. It takes 1 node, a searchterm (a regular expression), and a replacement term (also a regular expression). Play around with it and let me know what you think (hint: run the testharness included and do a "test map")!


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