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Pipeline Component Wizard

Following Boudewijn van der Zwan and Scott Woodgate's adapter wizard (thanks guys, awesome piece of code!), I've created a Wizard that creates pipeline components as I got tired of implementing the same interfaces over and over again. I hope you enjoy this, as I know I will, please let me know of any problems, recommendations or questions you have! You can download the wizard's sourcecode here; an installer is included. After installation, start a new Visual Studio instance and press CTRL+SHIFT+N to generate a new project. Browse to "BizTalk Projects" and select "BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Project" to use the wizard.
The project uses CodeDOM instead of template files, as the number of files generated by the wizard is severely limited in regards to the aforementioned wizard from Boudewijn and Scott.
Again, I'd love to here your feedback on this project, as it couldn't possibly be bug-free :-p

UPDATE: It's also on GotDotNet now.


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