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Update: undeployassembly

I've updated my undeployassembly command line utility for a few reasons:

added support for /a switch, removing all assemblies from BizTalk, other than "Microsoft" namespace assemblies (be careful!)

added the ability to shoot down any existing message instances within the BizTalk queue by assembly name (killServiceInstancesByAssemblyName), otherwise assemblies would not be removed because they were in use.

cleaned up the source somewhat

What I can't figure out is how to make sure no referenced assemblies are being used, i.e. how to set up the uninstall order. the DeploymentDriver being used doesn't seem to allow me using it's methods for that. If anyone has any suggestions for this issue, please let me know!

UPDATED: The file can be found here


  • Hi Martijn,

    I have a small update for this which may be of use, as the undeploy util as it stands doesn't work when the SQL box is not the same box as the Biztalk one. Drop me an email at:


    and I'll send it over to you :) (I can't find your email addy your blog - replace the * with ic -


    Nic Wise
    .NET MVP

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:40 AM  

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