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Update: Pipeline Component Wizard v 1.3

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been on holiday...

Another update to the Pipeline Component Wizard, this time, the following functionality has been added/changed:

1) support for code generation in both C# and VB.NET!
2) bug fixed with the defined component version not being used
3) the designer properties is now a dropdown list, no more editing
4) the designer properties have been expanded with two new members:
4a) SchemaList, which allows multiple (referenced) schemas to be associated with your component (like the XmlDisassemblerComponent has)
4b) SchemaWithNone, a dropdown listbox which allows you to associate a single referenced schema with your component (like the FlatFileDisassembler component has)

There have been reports of a missing component with the installer in previous versions of the Wizard, resulting in incorrect functioning of the wizard. This was due to me accidentaly excluding the Microsoft.BizTalk.Wizard, which is needed by the Pipeline Component Wizard. Subsequently, the CustomAction failed to register the DLL. This should be fixed now.

Support for other .net languages could easily be added if needed, as the CodeDOM has code has been updated to be language independent.

I hope you enjoy this release, please let me know of any issues, my e-mail address can be found here

The sourcecode for the updated pipeline component wizard can be downloaded at GotDotNet

Thanks to Jim Bowyer for creating a VB pipeline component for all to have a look at!


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