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ClickOnce deployment of XBAP application to remote IIS

To ensure you don't encounter the issues we encountered, make sure you set the option "Rename all application files using the .deploy file extension".
You can find the option under Project properties -> Publish -> Options.

If you don't use this option and your IIS is hardened, as it should be, you'll see your assemblies being rejected (404.2 return code in you W3 log files). The .2 subcode means the server is not allowed to serve .dll files.

The deployment renames the files from e.g. BankTellerModule.dll -> BankTellerModule.dll.deploy. This ensures the files get served by IIS. Locally, the files are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\<user account>\local Settings\Apps\2.0 and renamed back to .dll.


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