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Renaming your BizTalk Server and Sql Server Agent jobs

After renaming a BizTalk Server host, you need to configure the server using the BizTalk Server Configuration Wizard (in 2006). However, during the reconfiguration, you might encounter a state I did. In my case, a dialog came up stating

'Failed to create Management database "BizTalkMgmtDb" on server "...". Cannot add, update, or delete a job (or its steps or schedules) that originated from an MSX server.

SQL script file: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\Schema\\btf_message_logic.sql"'

This failure is caused by the Sql Server Agent still having the jobs configured by the old server. You cannot simply delete/update those jobs as Sql Server doesn't allow you to.

A remedy to this situation is stated in this KB article.

However, this involves renaming the server back to the original name, rebooting, etc. A simpler solution is to update the msdb..sysjobs table and set the originating_server field to reflect the new name.

After this update, the BizTalk Server Configuration Wizard will complete it's work successfully.


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