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Using the BRE in content-based routing scenarios

After writing Schema Editor extensions, I got the idea of creating a Pipeline Component which can be used in content-based routing scenarios. Also, I've attached a 'whitepaper' which explains the sample solution as well as the IExtension interface used to implement the Schema Editor extension. The idea is simple:

  • A message comes into / flies out of the system through a Pipeline;
  • The Pipeline contains a component which looks at the schema for the passing message;
  • The Schema contains an annotation which states the Policy that applies to the Schema;
  • The appropriate Policy is executed by calling the BRE;
  • The Policy alters the message;
  • The message flying by is modified to contain the altered message from the BRE.
After this, any following component or system will deal with the altered message.

One thing I haven't implemented due to the fact I haven't currently got a BizTalk 2004 VPC image is AppDomain caching of the Schema lookup. This caching would greatly improve performance of the Pipeline Component.

The associated whitepaper can be downloaded here. The source code is here.


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