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Tool update: Policy Exporter

When working with the BRE, the stringent way the Business Rule Composer manages versioning can be a real pain. Undeploying / unpublishing policies and/or unpublishing vocabularies can be very handy. This tool allows you to:

  • Import multiple exported items at once
  • Delete multiple policies / vocabularies at once
  • Export multiple policies / vocabularies at once
  • Undeploy policies
  • Unpublish policies / vocabularies
Ofcourse, one should not use this tool in a production environment, as the versioning itself has a valid purpose. The tool is meant to ease development.

I previously published this tool under the name "Policy Exporter". This is an update to that tool and a name change to better reflect it's purpose. It's now called "BRE Policy and Vocabulary manager" (what's in a name ;-) ) and it's current version is 1.1.

The tool itself, including full sourcecode, can be downloaded from this location.

A scenario example

While developing a Policy, you need a Vocabulary item added to the Vocabulary used in the current Policy:
  1. Save the Policy.
  2. Unpublish the Vocabulary using the tool
  3. Press F5 in the Business Rule Composer
  4. Ammend the Vocabulary
  5. Publish the Vocabulary
  6. Press F5 once again
  7. Use the new item within the Policy


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