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BizTalk Explorer v1.30

So, I was reading many questions in the newsgroups about how to easily "copy" a running BizTalk environment from one place and deploy it somewhere else, without taking the running machine offline.

BizTalk Explorer v1.30 supports this option ("Deployment" -> "Copy BizTalk environment") by allowing you to specify a BizTalk database, after which it:

  • copies the assemblies used within that environment
  • copies the support libraries linked to these assemblies (non-BizTalk and non-Microsoft)
  • exports the bindings within the server (assembly related and non-bound)
  • creates a file called "deploy.bat", which performs all necessary actions to deploy the BizTalk environment somewhere else
  • zips up the files and places it in a folder of your choosing
Once these steps have been completed, simply copying the zip file to another server with BizTalk installed (and having gacutil/btsdeploy in the path) and running "deploy.bat" should re-create the entire BizTalk environment.

Let me know of any issues, as I think this is a very handy feature and it should be well tested.

Download the new BizTalk Explorer v1.30 from GotDotNet or from here



BizTalk Explorer v1.27

I've had some requests on my blog and per e-mail for some changes and got some bug reports (THANKS!)

Additions/Changes in v1.27:

  • layout: center initial "add database" dialog on screen
  • bugfix: alternate connection information not used in DatabaseSelector
  • new: database selector no longer tries to locate databases automatically, only local database is retrieved (from registry)
  • new: database selector now has a manual search button to retrieve biztalk databases
  • new: items are sorted alphabetically within the tree
  • bugfix: enlisted parties correctly removed, enlisted orchestrations commited before removing assembly
It's on GotDotNet, and here

As always, let me know of any requests, bug reports or general rants!


BizTalk Explorer v1.26 - cool changes

Sorry, all I have time for these days seems to be BizTalk Explorer... If you have questions or comments regarding other BizTalk areas or would like me to spend some time explaining a given section of BizTalk Server 2004, please don't hesitate to ask...

So here's another update to the BizTalk Explorer tool. New in this release (it's undergone quite some rebuilding internally):

  • fixed bug with starting/stopping orchestrations (invalid parameter, no change)
  • multiple selection possibility for elements (deleting, starting, exporting, enlisting, killing, etc)
  • quick-edit feature for receive locations and sendports
I've uploaded all releases to GotDotNet as well, but you can download a copy of v1.26 here.

Enjoy! (Let me know what you think..)