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BizTalk Explorer v1.31

OK, it seems all I have time for these days (unfortunately!) is an occasional update to BizTalk Explorer. v1.31 has some bugfixes and new functionality, both reported and requested by people using the product (thanks Niklas, Richard, Hugo, et al!). This update includes:

  • new: delete host (DEL key and contextmenu)
  • new: double-click on items opens "edit" dialog

  • bugfix: right-clicking the host and selecting "Save config" yielded an exception
  • bugfix: save as XML for log didn't allow correct cancelling
  • bugfix: import binding files didn't skip file if it was invalid due to editing (deserializing)
  • bugfix: the BizTalkServerSelector didn't function correctly. fixed, now defaults to locally configured server and database if nothing is done.
As always, I hope you enjoy it and await your comments!

Download it here (GotDotNet) or here (Personal webspace)

Request: 1 person has reported editing an address of a receivelocation / send port doesn't work if Visual Studio is not installed. I removed Visual Studio and didn't encounter this problem. If anyone else has this issue, please contact me so I can look in to it. Thanks!