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Upcoming webcast

I'm doing a webcast this coming Friday regarding pipeline components in general, the use of the Pipeline Component Wizard to enable rapid development of pipeline components, etc. I've got demos lined up involving creating a simple pipeline component from scratch, building the same component using the wizard to show productivity increasement, building a Disassembler pipeline component, using IProbeMessage, etc. Here's the info:

Title: BizTalk Pipeline Components - abstracting external document types from your business
Time: Friday, May 27, 2005 21:45-23:30 (GMT+1) (1-2:30pm PST)


  • Martijn,
    I watched your presentation on pipeline components and had (what might be a silly) question for you:
    I'm having a real tough time with submitting documents to web services via orchestration (see my newsgroup post to microsoft.public.biztalk.orchestration, entitled " 'bout ready to give up on consuming web services" dated 05/27/2005.
    When we used BTS2002, we used to pick up documents with BizTalk receive functions and pass them off to web services via AICs (.NET apps with COM interop so we could get the documents from Biztalk and pass them off to .NET web services).
    So the web services are already written, and I want to migrate to BTS2004.
    But, since I'm having such a big problem with the orchestration->web serivices process, I thought (possibly) we might write a simple send pipeline to submit the documents to web services, instead of using orchestration.

    Bad idea?

    Should I push forward with my "AssemblyName context property was not valid" orchestration problem instead?


    GREAT presentation by the way!


    By Anonymous Dan Tharp, at 11:30 PM  

  • Could you contact me per e-mail and maybe send me the solution you're currently using? My e-mail address can be found here:

    By Blogger Martijn Hoogendoorn, at 10:49 AM  

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