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Deploying from the BizTalk Explorer contextmenu...

Having the option to deploy BizTalk elements from the Visual Studio environment is a very handy thing. However, I made the mistake of using this option to deploy into a test environment I was setting up.

Visual Studio confirmed a successful deployment and I went about configuring the Orchestrations I just deployed (they were nicely visible in the BizTalk Explorer).

When testing the first deployed Orchestration however, it turned out the deployment was successful, but to the end that Visual Studio had deployed the components into the GAC of the local computer while using the remotely configured database for registering the BizTalk components (BizTalkMgmtDb); obviously resulting in failing Orchestrations.

It still means the Deploy option is a good thing, but only to the end of testing the components on the local machine. Reconfiguring the Deployment database doesn't tell Visual Studio to deploy the components to the remote machine GAC (which seems normal, installing to a remote GAC isn't supported to the best of my knowledge)


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